7 believable Reasons why a Relationship Goes Sour

October 25, 2010 4:59 pm 1 comment

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We all fall in love and seek companionship. Man and woman relationship is a complicated affair and is not as simple as it appears to be. Human relationships are very unpredictable and there are moments when the relationship may be perfect, but suddenly it may turn sour.

Both partners have to work very hard to make a success of their relationship. If any partner shows any kind of indifference then it is likely that the partners may separate. In other words, both the man as well as the woman have to ensure they work towards a relationship that is built on mutual trust.

An ideal relationship does not exist. There will be moments when partners will get fed up with each other and may also want to end their relationship. On the other hand, there are times when they cherish every moment together.

Why does a relationship not work out? What causes partners to separate?

Why do relationships go sour

  • Often misunderstandings cause much friction and tension between partners. This can lead to their breaking off their relationship
  • Lack of mutual trust is another reason. When a partner does not trust the other partner, then he or she becomes too suspicious, which can in turn affect the relationship. A wife who suspects her husband constantly can distance him from her on account of such an attitude
  • Infidelity is a major reason for relationships going sour. Often the husband has a fling or two and some women find it difficult to accept this. In case, the husband is caught having an affair with another woman, then the wife prefers to break off the relationship. The same applies in the case of a husband. Some wives are not loyal to their husbands
  • Major differences of opinion also can make a relationship sour. Sometimes, partners may not agree on certain issues and this could lead to bickering and eventually separation
  • Alcoholism is also a major factor that makes partners leave each other. Many times an alcoholic husband may beat up his wife and this would make it necessary for the wife to separate from her husband. Similarly, an alcoholic wife may be difficult for a husband to handle
  • Short temper is often a major reason which forces couples to separate. Sometimes, one partner may be very short tempered and the other person may find it difficult to tolerate such behavior
  • Flimsy reasons also can break a relationship. Adjustment problems may cause differences between the partners and they may decide not to live with each other anymore

It is quite evident that maintaining a relationship is very difficult. Those who have a harmonious relationship are worth being envied. On the other hand, those who are unfortunate to haveĀ  tough time with their partner end up with a sour relationship!

1 Comment

  • I think loss of interest is also one of the primary reasons why a relationship goes sour. The couple might love each other but they might get bored with each other after some time. It might happen because of lack of feelings which might be recaptured again by proper counseling.

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