What Attracts the Opposite Sex to one another?


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Men and women getting attracted to each other is a universal phenomenon. Every woman  likes to have  a man in her life and vice versa. It is not all that easy to attract the opposite sex. No doubt, during Adam and Eve’s days it was all that simple, but now  human relationships have become very complicated .

Companionship is very important for a human being. Man is a social animal and he likes to be in the company of another person. A man seeks the company of woman and similarly a woman wants the companionship of man as both of them meet each other’s emotional and physical needs. If the going is good, then both will definitely enjoy each other’s company, but incase they are unable to get along, then naturally they simply cannot tolerate each other at all.

It would be quite interesting to know what makes the opposite sexes attracted to each other. Let us have look:

Why do men and women get attracted to each other?

  • The desire to meet their physical needs as well as emotional needs of companionship is a primary reason. In the West pre-marital sex is permissible, in the East  it is a taboo, although among the urban youth the values are changing. The need for companionship is very essential as a person would like to share  his or her feelings with another person. In the West, people marry even if they are in their seventies, although, in East society does not accept marriage at this age. Older couples feel they would rather live with each other then in an old age home.
  • Economic compulsions are also reasons for couples to get together. A woman often gets attracted to a man for his money. This may be the case with  a man as well. A well earning man would be able to get a woman of his choice as he knows that most woman want financial security and would like their man to be economically well placed.
  • The need to have children is another reason. Women like to settle down in domestic life and have children. A man would like to earn and take care of his family. Without a family to support he may not find any meaning in his effort to earn money.
  • Society also compels men and women to get together and settle down in marriage and have a family. In the West, the concept of a single woman is catching on, but in the East it is not easy for a single woman to carry on with her life. Marriage  in the East is given much importance, and often the woman accepts the man’s infidelity as she feels the society will not accept her so easily if she leaves him. Also, sex within the marriage is the norm and those having it outside marriage are usually  not well received. The present day youth in urban areas are challenging this norm, but it is not all that easy for society to accept.
  • Two individuals may want to spend their life together as they have much in common.  As their interests, hobbies and likes and dislikes may be the same, they would like to tie the knot,  so that they could continue to live together for ever.

Man and woman have been attracted to each other from ancient times and continue to do so. Even  a primitive man wanted to have a woman to take care of his needs. In due course, the role of a woman in marriage changed, and now both man and woman consider themselves to be equal in relationship.


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  1. I completely agree to what has been written in the above article.Along with these points i want to add on that it’s universal law that opposites things attract each other and same things repel each other.

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