Why Men like Submissive Women

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Men usually like their women to be  submissive. A sweet and charming woman can do wonders to a man’s ego. No doubt, feminists would not appreciate such kind of an  attitude of a  man as they feel that women must be aggressive enough to fight for their legal rights. They detest  a man’s domination. On the other hand, many women like to be gentle and submit  to  the wishes of their man as they like to be cared for and cajoled by him to the maximum extent possible.

Why do men like their woman to be submissive?

  •  Ego plays a major factor in a relationship between a man and a woman. Men do not like their ego to be hurt in any way by a woman. For example, they would like their wives to give in to their desires and listen to their advice. They feel they are the bread earner and naturally the woman must not throw her weight around. A wife usually depends upon her husband’s earnings in case she is not earning. She has the responsibility of taking care of the children. Naturally, it is difficult for her to go against the wishes of her husband.
  • Even if a woman is  an earning member of the family, a man would still like her to give into his domination. He would  not like it if his earning wife starts picking on him and belittle him as she is also earning. Such an attitude of a woman may make a man seek a divorce as he may feel henpecked.
  •  A nagging wife is never appreciated by a man. Men like their woman to be understanding and charming and  sweet and create a congenial atmosphere at home.  They like to keep their woman in place and make it very clear that they are the boss at home.
  •  In the West ,women are fairly independent even if they are house- wives and do have a say in matters. But in the East, particularly in traditional homes, men do not like their women to interfere in household matters. For instance in the State of Rajasthan, the landlords keep a strict control over their woman and in fact even do not allow them to move around freely. Of course, now with women’s education, situation has changed considerably. Of course, this is the case in a patriarchal society. In a matriarchal society such as the one that one comes across in  Kerala,  an Indian state, the woman dominates the house and takes all the major decisions. On the whole, it is a patriarchal form of family system that exists in the world, where the man is the head of the house.
  • Traditionally, a woman is considered to be  a house-maker and not the bread winner. It is the man’s prerogative to earn and provide for his family. This would mean that the woman is relegated to a secondary position in household matters. Usually, even if she earns, her earnings are supposed to supplement her income. In case a woman challenges this socially accepted norm, then it leads to disharmony in the relationship and probably a divorce.

The world is fast changing now. Many opportunities are there now for women to explore. They have become astronauts, pilots and are also working in the police force.These are challenging fields and demand much time and energy. Obviously, women would like their men to cooperate with them in order to ensure that the household chores are also taken care of.

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