Pcod Problem in Women


PCOD also known as Polycystic Ovarian Disease happens to be a multi-organ disease or health condition which occurs due to hormone imbalances among women. It is also referred to as hyper androgen affected disease, which cannot be cured but can be controlled.

What is Pcod?
Follicles develop and they do not mature into eggs. The follicles do not remain as follicles but turn into cysts. During each menstruation cycle the formation of cysts affect the hormonal imbalance in a woman, thus causing more formation of cysts. This continues as a vicious cycle of formation of cysts. Hormonal imbalances result in disruption in menstrual cycle, which in turn could lead to infertility problems. In fact, Pcod is a major hormonal imbalance among women and a major cause for infertility among them.

Causes for seeking medical treatment for Pcod

  • Disruption of menstrual cycle as well as infertility
  • Excessive hair growth and problems on account of excessive weight. One’s self-esteem will be low in case one is obese
  • Metabolic derangements. Abnormalities in blood fat levels that is lipid levels
  • Insulin/glucose sugar levels
  • Increased blood pressure that is problem of hypertension

Symptoms of Pcod

  • Excessive hair growth
  • Irregularity in menstruation
  • Baldness
  • Annovulation
  • Enlarged ovaries, cystic

How is Pcod diagnosed?

  • One must consult a gynecologist
  • Laboratory tests study the male hormone level
  • Imaging techniques are used to observe the cysts in one’s ovary
  • Ultrasound technology
  • MRI as well as CT scan to see if there are any tumors. The CT scan can be done through an Xray and injecting of dyes

What are the remedies?

  • Those suffering from Pcod are advised to take pills for birth control as it will help in normalizing menstruation flow
  • Laparoscopy surgery can be performed if needed, whereby holes are drilled into the walls of the ovaries so that eggs can come out
  • One must have a healthy diet
  • Sufficient exercise

Is acne caused due to Pcod?
In case one never had acne earlier, but is now suffering from it and is also subjected to mood swings and irregular periods, then it is possible that one is suffering from Pcod. One also gains weight.

Women who suffer from Pcod have a higher enzyme activity that causes conversion of testosterone into DHT . This rather sudden increase in DHT hormone can trigger off the sebaceous into expanding further, thus producing more oil and causing acne.

How does Pcod cause stress?
Regular yoga exercises helps in treating Pcod. As it is endocrine problem, regular yoga practice and breathing exercise (pranayama)can help in regulating polycystic ovaries.



  1. madam I suffering from PCOD problem and Im also under Treatment since one year. My age is 27 and married. Now i want have baby Please let me know the whats the causes for this and what measures should be taken Please help me.

  2. Dear Madam i’m 26 years Graphic Designer im suffering from PCOD from 14 years and im also under Treatment from 14 it is not yet cured can u suggest the possible ways to cure

  3. i m 23,unmarried and m suffering frm pcod since 2 yrs…. i was under trearment and i was taking primoult-n tablets for regular periods from last 7 months… nw i m taking any tabs and i got my perioids after tw0 months and thr is bleeding frm 15 days… m very much scared abt this… any solution for this…..

  4. madom my frnd suffering this prob frm last one year .she is 22 years old still not get married ,she take treatment frm 1 yr now again doctor scanned and tell it is cleared now the ovary develop in normal stage….bt the prb is she s thinking abt marriage if i get marry i get kid or not…..pls give the solution and save hers life bez she love childrens so manytimes she try for sucide attempts so pls pls giv soln for her

  5. Madam i am suffering from PCOD problem since past 5 years. my age is 22 years. I am have irregular menstruation,i have taken some medicines under the supervision of a doctor, still in vain.. I have gaining weight gradually due to this problem. Please suggest me tips for my problem.

  6. Mrs.Dipti Mandal on

    My name is dipti.i m also suffring from PCOD.i have many health problems mc is irrgular thioride[siram insulin is haire,fat shortly baldnees,cuf cold,bake pain etc..my age is 27 and married in 3 years so i want my chaild so mam plz help me.i live in bilaspur[c.g]

  7. mam
    im suffering from pcod problem from last 5year nd im 21 now
    doctor advice me to take krimson21 and glycomet500.im going with these tablets from begging to till now .
    is any side effect of these tablets????

  8. mrs.truptimayee on

    my name is trupti.i m suffering from pcod.idont have any medicine for this. doctor only give me APCOD sachet for 3-6 months.n my TSH level is 4.88.my age is 26 and married in 3 years.now i want have a baby please hlep me?

  9. I am suffering from pcod problem since more than 1 year. I got married on Nov-2012. Since then the irregular period continous. doctor only giving me APCOD SACHETS FOR 3-6 MONTHS. i WANT HAVE A BABY. KINDLY SUGGEST

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